UI/UX Design

As a part of a 12-week design project, I designed the Chatbot User Flow, Website, and Web Application for Jetpack, an e-commerce startup. The project focused on the design and integration of a Chatbot into a Web App user flow.

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Ayce Labs

Logo Design

Designing the Ayce Labs logo was a collaborative process with three young founders at the beginning of their ambitious and exciting journey. We aimed to create something that represented their energy, values and mission.

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Black community services center

Apparel Design

For this apparel design, I explored a classic American design and put my own twist on it while paying homage to the history of an institution that is close to my heart.This project also taught me how to incorporate numerous perspectives into my design and satisfy many different shareholders.

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SOundcloud Concept


SoundCloud is one of my favorite apps. Not only does it provide a fun listening experience for the user but, it has also been the launchpad for many of my favorite artists careers. It is a hub of creativity for artists all around the world and my concept was to leverage this creativity and color in a re-design sprint of SoundCloud's UI.

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Black Plaza 2015

Apparel Design

This design process required understanding the emotions, experiences, and hopes of a community reeling from a difficult year and finding a way to translate that into design. The mission with this project was to design something inherently political that my peers would be happy to wear everyday.




PERSONAL projects