The Black Community Services Center (BCSC), affectionately called the Black House, is a pillar of student life at Stanford University. For years it has been a home to students who have driven both institutional and national change during their time at Stanford.


The BCSC's story begins in 1968 after the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The University held a campus-wide convocation called the Colloquium and Plan for Action, which featured a panel of all white men speaking on race in the wake of MLK's assassination. 70 members of the Black Student Union somberly walked on stage and took the microphone from the provost. They proceeded to read a list of ten demands for the university, one of which directly contributed to the creation of the BCSC.

Member of BSU "Taking The Mic"

Member of BSU "Taking The Mic"

The BCSC’s staff is made up of students who work tirelessly to help nurture the black community through the implementation of programming. I thought a classic baseball font would capture the staff’s team spirit while also staying somewhat true to the time period I was paying homage to.

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